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A brand new approach to personal health, fitness & wellbeing...

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Fitwell Health

Movement studio   Kinesiology clinic

Our body - movement is life
Our emotions - you have to feel it to heal it
Our oneness - The ability to reach our full potential on all levels

We are much more than just a Pilates / Fitness studio. Our services also include....   

Postural alignment 
Functional movement
Corrective exercises
Nutritional and dietary lifestyle strategies
Natural health remedies 
Australian bush flower essences
Rock taping 
Workshops and education


Our bodies are all unique, and depending on the ever changing life stressors placed on them, our reactions both physically and emotionally can be vastly different from day to day.  We can experience times of pure vitality, enjoyment and ease and others when we feel depleted, tired and unmotivated. 

"We will meet you, your mind and your body where it is at - on any given day"


Seeing the big picture and having the understanding of health and wellness we are able to deliver the result you need for your specific health situation including age, body type, medical conditions, dietary requirements and specific needs.  With many years of experience working in large commercial fitness centres, we have identified the need for a more holistic approach to health and fitness in order to better meet the individual goals of our clients. 


We offer both individual and small group sessions, ensuring that our clients get the utmost attention during each session. We deliver training sessions and related wellness services. Our boutique studio in Langwarrin -  provides a small, friendly and relaxed environment catering for all levels of fitness from beginners to elite athletes. 


Find out more about our range of services.




I have been involved in sport and movement all of my life.  I have been in the fitness industry since 1991, teaching group classes, managing group fitness and personal training teams. I have worked with many fitness providers as an educator, writer and developer of curriculum for fitness courses, workshops and conventions. I have presented and lectured at international fitness conventions in Australia, Asia and Europe (Filex, Network, Asiafit, Fitpro, UK, AEMA Spain).

I am interested in working wih the whole person so my qualifications have extended  into oher modalities that not only support the physical body, but are inclusive of the mind and emotions .


I am a certified:

Pilates instructor, Nutrionist, Strength and conditioning trainer.

I have qualifications in:

  • Mentoring and developing fitness teams and course curriculums 

  • Indoor cycling

  • Boxing

  • TRX suspension and TRX RIP training

  • Functional training

  • Rock taping

  • Group fitness

  • Older adult and children's training

  • Reformer Pilates

  • Mat and props

I am a certified:

  • Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner: Denise Robinson 

  • Australian bush flower essences - Level 1 -3 Ian White

  • Aura balancing kinesiology

  • Chakra healing kinesiology

  • Chapmans reflexes - Paula Nutting

  • Checked for working with children

  • EMK mind, body, soul wellbeing facilitator

  • First aid 

  • Happy healthy kids - Australian Bush flower essences

  • Kineasy intro

  • Kinesiology for children - Emma Sternberg 

  • Mastery of the five elements

  • Meridian rivers of chi kinesiology

  • Nutrition

  • Nutrition and human metabolism kinesiology - Damian Brown

  • Rock taping

  • Transpersonal Chakra kinesiology

  • Mindfulness - Rita Riccola

I enjoy sharing my expertise with clients who wish to reach their full potential through body, mind and emotions.


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