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Fitwell Health Kinesiology Clinic 

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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology encompasses holistic health protocols including traditional chinese medicine, with the use of gentle muscle testing to access information about an indiividuals wellbeing.

Muscle reflex testing is a natural bio feedback mechanism. This information is obtained via nerve pathways in the meridian systems of our brain and body,

The body has an innate healing intelligence, using non invasive techniques we can access information held in our subconscious mind, the body's "priority issue".  Kinesiology works to assist healing, physical, emotional,nutritional or mental concerns promoting and restoring health where the energy is blocked.

How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology is a powerful natural therapy that allows you to tap into the underlying cause rather than just masking symptoms.  It works quickly and effectively on both physical and emotional issues, shifting energy and clearing imbalances, allowing the body's natural energy to flow.

Indentifying areas in the body that have stored or manifested the orginal stressor or issue, like anxiety, illness, pain and trauma, negative thoughts or sabotage patterns, your subconscious mind will reveal which balancing technique, remedy, or support you require, to bring your body, mind and higher self into alignment and harmony.

Kinesiology can assist with:


behavioural issues



emotional issues



learning issues

mental health

physical pain



sabatage patterns

self sabatage

self esteem


work challenges

Kinesiology clinic
consultation Pricelist 

New client

1st appointment full history and balance or extended standard appointment 90mins - $165

Standard appointment

appointment 60mins - $110


Kids clinic consultation

New client

1st appointment 60mins

full history and balance

or extended

standard appointment -$110

Standard Kids appointment

appointment 45mins - $85

appointment 30mins - $70

All sessions are available and 

highly effective online over zoom


 Fitwell health members receive a discount reward

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All payments to be made on the day of service  Fitwell Haalth accepts both cash and cards.
24 hours notification required.
  • Late cancellation and now show to scheduled appointment will result in a 50% fee charge.
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