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The human body requires:

Water, food, oxygen, and a functioning nervous system

You will be encouraged to implement healthy food choices and healthy eating and movement practices.

Finding the balance between daily activity, nourishing meals and mindlfulnes.

Strategies that sustain and support your energy requirements.

Clean Up - 1-4 weeks

Our detox is a great way to kick start change,fire up the immune system and focus the mind and clear the debris to get long lasting results.

Feel good/relax -12 week program

Follow up your detox with our full customised program with foods the fit into and energise your daily life, body movement and awareness and emotional support that brings clarity, positve outcomes and freedom.

This program includes sessions in our movement studio and Kinesiology clinic.

Establishing clean eating habits you can

  • Improve your gut health

  • improve your immune system

  • improve sleep

  • increase energy

  • lift your mood and feelings

  • Improve your general wellbeing

  • control your weight

Working with the body, mind and emotions to reach your full potential.

Customised packages available

Kinesiology clinic food sensitivity tests available

Services & Pricing  
Packages available

Start with exercise and food programming

(clean up)
Detox protocol guide plus support using flower essences -
Using this as a kick start and added to your maintenance program.
Includes protocol & assisting Australian bush flower essences
1. Detox blend
2. Diet blend (maintenance)
Detox -$100

Nutrition and lifestyle strategies12 week program


(feel good)wk 1-6
Identify your metabolic type
weekly measure
on-going support
includes 3 exercise sessions and 2 kinesiology sessions
(Relax) wk 7-12
Maintenance program
strategy follow up
Learn mindfulness,  breathwork,stretches and activities and pactices.
includes weekly measure and exercise session
Total 12 weeks

Food senstivity testing
working with your best foods
identifying foods that may cause inflammation 
Kinesiology Clinic 1 hour  
member - $110
non-member $135

on-line available

Customise your package
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