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Pilates with Ball


  • Customised exercise and movement sessions

  • Posture alignment,strength, fitness, flexibility and mobility. 

  • Using Pilates reformers, spring walls, Wunda chairs, props and accessories as well as functional fitness equipment.

Blush Gray Pilates Studio Opening Announcement Facebook Post.jpg
Fruit Shakes


  • Guidance and support.

  • Movement combined with lifestyle strategies.

  • Individual plan, choose self driven detox protocols to full customisted 12 week pogram, including exercise, meditation and kinesiology balances.

  • You will receive support for menu choices, your best foods and timing of meals, kickstarting healthy changes, improving energy and vitality.


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Polished Stones


  • Assisting your emotional, physical and environmental stressors.

  • Assisting stress and anxiety, confidence, self esteem, fatigue, pain, digestive issues and more.

  • Using Kinesiology protocols and natural remedies to support your healing

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Workshops and education   

  • Mind, body and soul wellbeing workshops.

  • Nutrition

  • Lifestyle

  • Mindfulness meditaion

  • Online programs


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